Filament Winding Machine

Filament winding is a fabrication technique for creating composite material structures. The process involves winding filaments under varying amounts of tension over a male mould or mandrel. The mandrel rotates while a carriage moves horizontally, laying down fibers in the desired pattern. The most common filaments are carbon or glass fiber and are coated with synthetic resin as they are wound.


Glass fibre is the fibre most frequently used for filament winding, carbon and aramid fibres are also used. Most high strength critical aerospace structures are produced with epoxy resins, with either epoxy or cheaper polyester resins being specified for most other applications. The ability to use continuous reinforcement without any breaks or joins is a definite advantage, as is the high fibre volume fraction that is obtainable, about 60% to 80%.
Winding Program (Custom Make For Your Existing Winding Machine)

For your existing winding machine or new winding machine, if your winding machine need to purchase a new winding program to operate in auto mode winding, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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