In the new era of this industrial age, machines become extremely important in the mean of production to fulfill various requirements of this developing country. What’s really make us evolve in this field of industries is to improve the controlling of machines, or how well can human turn metals into ‘super-workers’ as we known as robotics. With the motto of our company ‘Achieving Robotics Control Operation’ , we respond to the needs of machines controller market with various of services related with machines automation. Challenge in this era will only turn us more aggressive to reach our goal; we are ready for the unexpected; we aim for a better future. ARCO will keep us evolving and forwarding new technology in ahead society and times. Our mission is to achieve total customer satisfaction and offer the best services to our customers.

In line with the mega trend of integrations of advanced technologies in our services, we are always committed and self-equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies and best knowledges to cater for our customers' needs. The competency and professionalism of ARCO has also been recognized by giant manufacturers and government agencies. Our clients include INTEL, KOMAG, AMD, SIEMENS/OSRAM, HITACHI, GLOBETRONICS, FAIRCHILD, FUJIKURA, ASE, GEORGEKENT, NORTHERN HOTEL, KWSP Prai and etc. as well as individual needs for residential area.

For manufacturing/factory automation, we provide services include automation machines, control panel & system, Super PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) supply, SCADA system and structured cable wiring.


Our company objective is to hasten our country’s industries production speed and strengthen quality of productions to surpass developed countries. Second objectives is to reduce the waste of human resources and avoid incoming of illegal foreign workers as machines automation only required a few skilled technician to operate and maintain the machines. Besides, our company has already archive MSC status, so our company help the other companies to reach MSC status as well as we design machines automation and GUI, database, network software etc. As the above objectives, we are indirectly leveling our nation’s technology status.


  • To work as a team within the firm as well as with clients and their advisors.
  • To acknowledge and value the trust instilled by our clients, and that our reputation of providing first-class service must be continued to be maintained.
  • To tirelessly perform our duties with timeliness and accuracy, so that clients will be able to reply on us to perform critical as well as routine tasks whenever needed.
  • To recognize that the client is our most valued asset.


  • Provide programs which to control machines and automation of factories or sites that use to produce variables products or raw materials.
  • Structure building control programs was also an important features of this company.  
  • Design network database software.
  • Machines automation design.
  • Supply Preventive Measurements.
  • Standard Automated Equipment.

To build human-like AI automation machines that can work like a human, the idea of machines control machines. Normal automation would not think by itself and will just following orders given, this couldn’t avoid the occurrence of accident, but a human-like AI will react base on current status. This can greatly reduce the rate of accident which always occurring in the pass few years which workers injured or killed by machines. Human-like AI wouldn’t need any skill requirement as it could guide any user to operate itself and announce warning when maintenance required.

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